RajBet Login Instructions

You get an account once you have registered on the website and verified your email address. This means you may access the website and enjoy all of the features that RajBet provides. However, in order to do so, you must first log in.

RajBet Login Into Account

To begin, copy and paste the URL Rajbet into your browser's address bar. You will be sent to the official website. Click the "Log In" button in the upper right corner of the home page you've arrived at. You can't go wrong if you look at the image below.

When you signed up, you had to provide an email address, a username, and a phone number. Fill up the first blank field with your email address if you gave it during the registration procedure. Fill up the blanks with the phone number you provide, and so on.

Then, remember your password from when you registered and put it in the second blank spot underneath the email/number/username. Finally, choose the "I'm not a robot" option, which is created by reCaptcha, an engine designed to authenticate you are a human, not a machine attempting to exploit the system.

Registered users have access to this option. The gambler fills out a form and selects a login and password while registering. Authorization on the online platform will only take a few minutes.

What Happens When You Forget the Password?

If you forget your password for whatever reason, you can always restore it. When you click the "Recovery" button, you will be sent to a screen where you may reset your password. You must write the email address or phone number you provided during registration.

Then, using the ReCaptcha mechanism, prove that you are a genuine person once more before clicking "Send." By doing so, you are requesting that the company allow you to generate a new password. This procedure is carried out automatically.


If you provided an email address, then you will receive an email with a link which brings you to a page from where you can invent a new password. Save the new password somewhere, so you are sure you will never lose it again and confirm.


If you specified a phone number, the procedure will be exactly similar: you will receive a message allowing you to generate a new password once again.

You can use this simple procedure every time you forget your password; if you recall it but wish to change it, simply go to your Account settings and follow the steps there.

Instead of filling out the form and waiting for an email/message, you may contact the customer support service directly via live chat, which is provided on the website.

What Happens When You Forget the Email?

The approach is not as simple in this scenario as it is in the case of password loss. If you forget the email address you used to register, your only choice is to contact customer service through live chat, which is open 24 hours a day, seven days a week.

Rajbet's online casino team will do everything necessary to resolve your issue as soon as possible. Because the email address is so vital, losing it requires particular assistance from customer support and cannot be fixed with an automated connection, as is the case with the password.

Your email serves as your identity on the system for the gambling company; in other words, it represents you. That is also why, after you have registered, you will not be able to modify your email address. As a result, be sure you're using an email address that works well and that you can check anytime you need to.


As you can see, RajBet works hard to provide you with a quick, trustworthy, and safe method of accessing your account. You must follow relatively basic procedures in order to RajBet log in to your account, and we are sure that you will have no problems accessing your account after you have signed up to the RajBet website.

However, if you encounter any complications, such as a lost password or email, the company's customer care team is ready to assist you as quickly as possible. 

You may always contact them via live chat or fill in the request outlining your issue and then the customer care assistant will contact you as soon as possible.

If you forget your password, the procedure is made much easier by the automatic link they offer you to establish a new one. Explore all the opportunities that the sportsbook has to offer!